William H. Glancy & Sons  and Glancy Crane Rental



There are many critical issues you must be aware of when hiring a crane rental company. Here at Glancy Companies, we believe certified training and certified equipment should be the #1 priority in the crane rental industry. When you turn to Glancy for your crane rental needs, not only will you receive the most modernized and updated equipment, but you’ll also receive the most highly skilled and experienced operators in the Boston area. Upon your request, our knowledgeable crane rental staff will visit your site and design a plan suitable to perform your critical lift in the safest way possible.

Among the applications we can address are HVAC, electrical, plumbing, roofing, landscaping, steel erection, demolition and heavy hauling. Glancy has the experienced personnel and equipment to handle rigging, crane, trucking and warehousing jobs of all sizes and complexity. Glancy can satisfy all of your hoisting needs, with cranes able to handle from 8 ton up to 240 ton lift capacities,heavy-duty fork trucks, and heavy vehicles including trailers, tractors and a wide range of trucks capable of moving heavy and bulky items nationwide. Our large warehouse allows us to receive, offload and store products


Since 1912, Boston area project managers have relied on Glancy Companies for quality crane equipment, service, and personnel. We offer a wide range of top of the line cranes, ranging from 8-ton to 240-ton hydraulic power.


The Glancy Companies offers full turnkey service to meet all of your heavy-lift and heavy-haul needs.  With a wide range of cranes and specialized rigging and lifting equipment at our disposal, we can handle the most technical projects and solve your most difficult challenges.