William H. Glancy & Sons  and Glancy Crane Rental


Glancy Companies offer a wide range of top quality equipment, including cranes, boom trucks, heavy pick up trucks, and straight trucks. You may know precisely what you need, but if not you can rely on our deeply experienced team to find the right piece of equipment for your project.


Make: Grove

Description:  50 Ton Rough

Model #: RT760

Make: Grove

Description:  60 Ton

Model #: TMS760E

Make: Grove

Description:  8.5 Ton Carry Deck

Model #: AP308

Make: Grove

Description:  50 Ton

Model #: GMK 3055

Make: Grove

Description:  90 Ton


Make: Grove

Description:  275 Ton

Model #: GMK 5275

Boom Trucks

Make: Ford

Description: 12 Ton DG CO Inc


Make: Ford

Description: 17 Ton MANITEX

Model: F800

Make: Sterling

Description: 23 Ton National

Model: LT7500

Make: Sterling

Description: 26 Ton National

Model: LT9500

Heavy Pickups

Make: Ford

Description: F550 Dump Body

Model: F5D

Make: Ford

Description: F450 Rocco Rack

Model: F450

Make: Ford

Description:  F450 Danny B TR

Model: F450

Make: Ford

Description:  F450 Heff Rig 

Model: F450

Make: Ford

Description:  F550 Rig TR

Model: F550

Make: GMC

Description:  PASQ Rack

Model: C3500H

Make: Ford

Description:  Cuming SJ

Model: L8501

Make: Ford

Description:  E35SUP New Charlie

Model: E35SUP

Straight Trucks

Make: Grove

Description:  White Rack

Model: FT900F

Make: Kenworth

Description:  Ramp Truck

Model: T80

Make: Freightliner

Description:  Tailgate (Russo)

Model: M2106

Make: International

Description:  Box Truck

Model:  4900